Online Booking Terms & Conditions


Completing an online order form is not a binding contract. A member of our team will be in touch to confirm your details. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on,

01825 817211

This is a standard protocol, to double-check all variables of the booking.

A member of our team will double check units are available for your selected date, available delivery times and location. Our booking system is very efficient and is correct 99.9% but for extra peace of mind, we like to check and book you in manually.

This never takes longer than 12 hours and is usually confirmed in the Hour!

You will receive a Booking Confirmation Email, letting you know you’re booked in.

All online bookings require a 10% Non-Refundable Deposit.

Refunds can only be processed under the following conditions

  • If we can’t accept your booking, due to being fully booked.
  • Bad weather which is unsafe to operate in. (You will be given a weeks’ notice)
  • If you have paid the full amount and you cancel on Monday a week before your event. You will receive 90% of the booking value back.

Please contact us at the time of booking if you are unsure of anything.

Many of our inflatables are heavy, so for events, with multiple assets we require the van to be driven up to the point of delivery we need good accessibility for this and firm flat ground so will not be able to drive onto waterlogged fields.

Jump 2 It Inflatables Full Terms & Conditions


Please make sure you read our full terms and conditions this will go into further details of terms.

By arranging a booking or order with Jump 2 It is either online or over the phone. It is deemed and understood that the client fully accepts and is then bound by our terms and conditions.\

Jump 2 It Inflatables hires equipment on the following terms and conditions.

  • The person signing the castles on the delivery of the castles or, accepted by on behalf of a third party or organisation, company, public body, charity or the like accepts the responsibilities for the operation and the safekeeping of the equipment.
  • The Equipment: The property of the company
  • The Company: Jump 2 It Inflatables, its employees, or agents.
  • Conditions: It is understood by the Renter or any authorised person by the Renter is to operate the equipment, that the company is not responsible for any accidents to any person or damage to any property however in connection with or using the equipment, and the Renter hereby agrees to indemnify the company against howsoever caused to or loss of the equipment, claim or proceedings whatsoever or in respect of any personal injury whatsoever.
  • All shoes and sharp objects I.E. Keys & Key Ring, Metal Studded clothing, must be removed before using the unit.
  • The supervising adult must have sufficient authority to prevent careless or reckless behaviour or intentional rough play.
  • Not allow food or drink on any unit
  • Not allow any person to hang or sit on walls, roofs & back walls
  • Not let any individual on the unit that exceeds the maximum age limit (Adults on Kids units)
  • Not allow the unit to get overcrowded
  • Not allow the unit to be used in the rain & high winds (When wet dry before use)
  • Not enable users to be on the units during inflation & deflation
  • Ensure the users using the unit at the same time should be of similar size and ability
  • Ensure no one is allowed on any unit under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Ensure that anyone with a history of back & neck problems is not allowed to use the unit
  • Ensure no smoking or E-cigarettes are not used on the unit
  • Not allow users who are taller than the outside walls when standing on the inflated bed to use the unit
  • No silly string or party poppers to be used on the unit